Systems for swimming pools

Systems for swimming pools

OWWO is a guarantee of microbiological purity while maintaining bound chlorine at the required level.

OWWO – disinfecting solution of degassed, highly ozonated water produced in SPID 80 systems. Those systems are fully automated. Operation is simple and intuitive thanks to the software adapted to the needs of a given facility. The systems use a number of safeguards to guarantee the safety of both service and disinfection processes. At the customer’s request, the system can be supervised via the Internet.


Compact dimensions allow for the implementation of disinfection processes in existing swimming pool facilities.

The introduction of ozonation technology guarantees:

  • immediate destruction of microorganisms
  • oxidation of organic matter, including urea and nitrogen compounds
  • reduction of dosing of chlorine compounds up to 50%
  • reduction of chlorine smell characteristic of swimming pools
  • elimination of skin and eye irritation
  • water color improvement

The systems are used in swimming pools and water attractions, regardless of their size or pollution load.


Based on the formulas below, the efficiency that the SPID80 system can be calculated for given application.


Recreational pools


Swimming pools


The ozone system works on a by-pass, disinfecting a part of the stream of the entire circuit using OWWO solution with a concentration of up to 3 ppm. One system can be used for up to three circuits.


In order to protect the pool from excess ozone entering the basin, an activated carbon filter and a UV lamp operating in medium-pressure technology are used.



The system using the OWWO solution led to the pool area allows for disinfection with a spray lance. This solution used under high pressure guarantees quick and effective disinfection of elements of swimming pool infrastructure, water attractions, jacuzzies, bathtubs, paddling pools etc. After disinfection, the ozone remaining in the water decomposes into oxygen within a few minutes, so there is no need to rinse the disinfectant.

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