20 Mar 2023

We participate in the “Green University in a Green City” in Wroclaw

The conference “Green University in a Green City” was held on 17 March, 2023. The meeting took place at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Wrocław and began with planting of trees – a symbol of this event. Later in the conference, sessions, workshops and discussions were planned, during which the impact of the environment on human health and life was discussed. Topics covered included: the idea of 3W (water, hydrogen and carbon), food production, human-environment relations and many other issues in the field of ecology and the environment.

Robert Muszański gave a presentation entitledHow does water quality affect our health? What are the ways to purify it? How can ozonation be used towards health? Removal and prevention of bacteriological contamination in hospital water systems, with particular emphasis on Legionella contamination”.

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