SPID mobile ozone systems

SPID mobile ozone systems

SPID 80 systems produce OWWO – a solution of degassed highly ozonated water with biocidal effectiveness – from air, water and electricity. It is an ecological disinfectant is an alternative to chlorine compounds.


Water and sewage management

Preventive disinfection and quick and effective use in case of contamination without the need to deactivate the OWWO solution and additional rinsing of the disinfected objects for:

  • water supply network;
  • internal installation of public utility buildings f.e. schools, hospitals;
  • technological equipment (fittings, pumps, etc.);
  • technical infrastructure devices, including: water intakes, field tanks, clean water storage tanks, technological tanks, sand traps, gravel-sand filters, water tankers, municipal cars;
  • disinfection of newly built sections of the water supply network and connections;
  • sewage equipment – pumping stations, expansion wells.

The dimensions of the SPID system allow it to be installed on a car for field work.

Dosing of OWWO in treatment processes and after in order to:


  • improving the bacteriostatic properties of the water supply network – OWWO eliminates bacteria, viruses, their spores and cysts, as well as molds and fungi;
  • oxidation of physicochemical compounds in technological processes, e.g. manganese, iron;
  • oxidation of micropollutants and natural organic matter;
  • reducing the amount of chlorine dosed to the water;
  • removal of possible odors from water remaining after treatment processes;
  • improving the taste of water supplied to customers;
  • restoring the water’s natural color and crystal clearness.

Application in wastewater management:


  • reduction of parameters such as: COD, BOD5, TOC and others;
  • disinfection of wastewater to remove pathogenic bacteria and micropollutants, including pharmaceuticals.

Swimming pools & SPA centers

  • instant destruction of microbes;
  • oxidation of organic matter, including urea and nitrogen compounds;
  • reducing the dosing of chlorine compounds by up to 50%;
  • reduction of the chlorine smell characteristic of swimming pools;
  • elimination of skin and eye irritation;
  • water color improvement.


Food safety

  • elimination of pathogens Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, mycotoxins;
  • removal of pesticide and chemical residues;
  • rapid and effective packaging disinfection;
  • reducing or even eliminating the use of chemicals in disinfection processes and the need for disinfection at high temperatures;
  • disinfection of technological lines, process and transmission pipelines as well as technical infrastructure, e.g. water intakes, gravel and sand filters and others.

The ability to produce OWWO anywhere is an advantage, especially when there are problems with the availability of other disinfectants.

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