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ozone systems
for water and sewages

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Direct customer interaction is highly valuable to us, as we understand that personalized approach enables us to build strong and lasting relationships. We are a reliable partner and open to our customers' needs, as they largely contribute to our success.


We provide comprehensive solutions.


We analyze innovative solutions that allow for cost reduction.


We develop projects tailored to the needs and requirements of the investment.


We manufacture both devices and software.


We deal with the installation and monitoring assembly.


We provide technical support and post-warranty service.

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Our technology in your life
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New dimension
of water treatment

We produce the highest quality water without the use of chlorine compounds.

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Safe municipal and industrial wastewater

We eliminate dangerous viruses and pathogenic bacteria from wastewater. We remove microcontaminants, surfactants, and reduce parameters like COD, phenols, etc.

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food production

We disinfect food products without affecting their quality attributes. We remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables, disinfect packaging and processing lines without the use of chemicals.

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for the environment

We recover water and treat it in closed-loop industrial processes, reducing the emission of chemical substances and contaminants and minimizing in-situ pollution.

International water innovation award for technology


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You say OZONE – you think WOFIL

The objective of Wofil's operations is to solve their customers' challenges related to water and wastewater treatment. In the interest of water quality, production safety, and environmental protection, we provide diverse solutions for water and wastewater management.

For over 20 years, our specialists in ozone systems have been providing reliable solutions tailored to individual needs by combining traditional processes with innovative technologies.

This is made possible through a comprehensive range of services, including installation design, consulting, pilot tests, equipment and software production, installation assembly, and servicing.

As an industry leader, we place a strong emphasis on R&D activities, enabling the development of innovative and effective solutions for various applications, including the mobile SPiD system.

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