Water treatment plants

Water treatment plants

for surface and deep water intakes

Our technical solutions are a combination of classic treatment methods with innovative ozonation technology, supported by advanced research and many years of experience of our engineers.

Using precisely adjusted doses, we use ozone for many technological processes, including disinfection, advanced rapid oxidation or the production of ionized air with blowing for aerators. Multi-stage contact columns are our pioneering solution that prevents the formation of carcinogenic compounds (harmful to health) despite the variable flows and extremely poor parameters of the purified water.

In our solutions, we use hybrid – multi-block ozone generators that enable alternating operation of individual blocks and their expansion.

The full effect of water purification can be obtained within a few days, unlike traditional technologies, where the process takes several months.


  • the possibility of construction in difficult and inaccessible place and relocation to another one
  • less area needed to set up the system
  • short investment time (up to 6 months)
  • limited number of required permits
  • low investment costs
  • simple design, modularity and ease of expansion
  • maintenance-free operation and control via the Internet
  • independence from the supply of chemical compounds
  • possibility of application to ground and surface waters
  • the ability to remove increased concentrations of Mn and Fe
  • the possibility of introducing backwash water recovery
  • application for extension of existing water treatment plants (disinfection, RO systems)
  • applicable to large WTP in order to increase the efficiency of their work at modernization and expansion.
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